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Great outdoor Landscaping Trends

Lidieth Macicek - Thursday, April 2, 2015
Did you know that landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a house? As a home buyer or landlord always seek landscaping that adds functionality and resale value, rather than frills and lifestyle.   Remember first impression your renters get is curb appeal.  德州地区凯时游戏 & 管理 has compiled a list of six 2015 landscaping trends.  

Here are some great landscaping trends

#1: Edible Gardens

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Incorporating edible and ornamentals trend stays strong for 2015. “People want to know where their food is coming from and the chemicals being put on them," says Deb Shearer, a co-owner at in Monroe Twp., which is also seeing the edible boom. “ These gardens offer a full harvest of fruit, vegetables and herbs while providing fascinating, 喜气洋洋的床. Need help starting your edible garden 罗莎琳德有折痕的 features great tips on how to do edible landscaping.  

#2:  Butterflies, Bees And Hummingbirds


More and more landscaping companies are installing plants that attract wildlife friends.   A butterfly bush is a shrub that's typically covered in butterflies all summer long. It’s an easy-care shrub. You can also Plant wild basil to invite butterflies — it’s one of their favorite plants.    

#3: Soothing Sound Of Water


Nothing makes the 休斯顿 summer heat cooler than the site and sound of water in your landscape. Fountains and 池塘 additions to your landscape are more popular than ever.The sound of water is extremely soothing after a hectic day at work. It masks distracting sounds, like traffic in front of your house, or the neighbor kids’ water balloon battles.  

#4: Outdoor Rooms and Kitchen


No more lawn chairs on a flat concrete patio. Your outdoor space should be comfy and cozy as your indoor rooms. Pick high-spirited outdoor fade-resistant waterproof fabrics. Use them on comfortable outdoor furniture that mimics living room luxury.  Install an outdoor kitchen, a fancy mosquito-control mister and make your outdoor living space the most popular space at your house this summer. If you're on a budget don’t forget to check out Target’s collaboration with designer 莉莉普利策 being released April 18th.    

# 6:原生植物


Fancy tropical plants have their place. However, there’s a movement towards 本地的 plants. Makes sense, plants that can adapt to the 休斯顿 weather without a lot of special attention. Here in 休斯顿 德州, we’re lucky — we’re blessed with loads of love 本地的 landscaping plants and trees to plant. we’re blessed with loads of lovely 本地的s that can beautify your landscape. Try planting a Marie Daly’ Rose shrub with some chili pecin to add some color to your flower beds.    

#5: Planting For Privacy


The outside world keeps getting busier and more chaotic. So why not create a private outdoor oasis. This can be as simple as creating a hedge or a natural screen with a mix of shrubs and trees.

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